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Jordan is not only a year old, he is walking! And saying "Mama" and meaning it. And, once again, partying like freshman at Chico State (minus the alcohol). We celebrated not only Jordan's birthday, but Grandma Lynne's, friend Avi's, and hospital buddy Ally's! He also touched the Pacific Ocean for the first time, met his new friend Logan White, and went to his first farm. So this month sets the record for pictures -- and pages.

sepia sweet
sepia large
sepia ball
sepia bike
sepia grapes
49er pose
baseball boy
beach baby feet
beach family hands
beach family shadow
beach family shadow1
beach jord loves
beach jord loves1
beach mom jord down
beach mom jord hands
beach mom jord kneel
beach mom jord
beach mom jord1
beach mom jord2
beach mom jord3
beach mom jord4
beach mom jord5
beach water touch
bedhead flop
bedhead yawn
boy and cat
bright boy
dave jordan
end of month close
farm baby m
farm chicken
farm cow kiss
farm mamas n babes
farm mamas
farm meet cow
farm meet cow2
gpa jord jacket
haircut 1
haircut 2
haircut 3
haircut before
haircut done
leap pad
linds jord kris
logan kris jord jen
logan kris jordan jen
logan kris jordan jen1
logan kris
lynne bday
lynne book gift
park walking
silly family
stroller from above
stroller park mom
stroller park
taking steps
taking steps2
tunnel fun
tunnel fun1
tunnel fun2
tunnel fun3

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