July is for Family

Jordan's July was filed with family! We started with a visit to the Alameda County Fair, celebrating GG's 88th birthday, the Danville 4th of July Parade and fireworks -- all with family! And that family got even bigger with a Bruzzone family reunion (that's GG's family) the following weekend. Then we saw some far away family in Colorado who opened their hearts and homes to us. We had a temporary furry family member (Tigger) who is now back with HIS family, and other family members dropped by just to spend some time with Jordan. He's a pretty lucky boy!
daddy jord in arms daddy jord in motion blue car standing blue car
call cousins jord car on tummy car play car play1
car play2 car with daddy conducting 2 conducting 3
conducting fair jord behind bars fair jord cars mommy fair jord cars
fair jord frank bobbie merry fair jord frank bobbie merry1 fair jord frank bobbie fair jord kris
fair jord kris1 fair jord merry fair jord mommy grandma merry fair jord mommy grandma merry2
fair jord mommy merry fair kris linds frank Finger hair painting Finger hair painting1
Finger hair painting2 flying with aunt linds GG bday 88 gifts GG bday 88 jordan
GG bday 88 jordan2 GG bday 88 kris jord GG bday 88 kris linds gg playing with jord
great aunt jackie jord great uncle ralph zerbert great uncle ralph zerbert1 i can climb on this chair
i can drive jackie jord ryan car jord sue orca floor jordan points
light play light play2 little driver maestro jordan
nice hair really nice hair peek a boo comforter1 peek a boo comforter2
peek a boo comforter3 playing in the closet playing in the closet2 Sue Matt Jordan
sunglasses theif sunglasses theif2 tigger couch tigger piano
tub happy boy tub happy boy1 tub happy boy2 walking with daddy
walking with daddy2 aidan ball alia eats katie asking for song from grandma
bar ralph basket fun basket fun1 basket fun2
big smile sunsuit OrvikJuly05