June All Over

At the end of June, summer finally showed itself, but we managed to have fun all month long! We took a spur of the moment trip to Yosemite, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Kris got married, and we had a great picnic with our Las Madres buddies. And although we don't have a picture, Jordan sprouted his first tooth! His words are getting clearer (we're sure he says "kitty cat" and "bath") and he is using and inventing new signs to communicate.
avi jord ride bum in the sun bum run to dad cake from linds
cake mom jor cake2 dad jord nap dad jord nap1
dad jord nap2 drummer boy drummer boy1 drummer boy2
finger painting artist finger painting end finger painting piggy finger painting smile
finger painting start firetruck ride fone jord fone mom jord
hanging at sues happy at sues happy sneaks in wagon raeching
in wagon reading in wagon smilews inside car wash Jasmine arch
jord and jasmine jord in the window jord in the window1 jordan and kung fu hamster
jordan and kung fu hamster2 lm picnic alka rusty lm picnic anand cake lm picnic avi komal
lm picnic dee mikayla lm picnic far lm picnic jen jord lm picnic jp josh rusty jord
lm picnic kathleen matthew lm picnic knights lm picnic parks lm picnic priya anjali mark
lm picnic priya anjali lm picnic toby austin more cake play at ggs house
play at ggs house1 play at ggs house2 rani anand twins rock eater
rock eater1 sand is fun sand is fun1 slide climb
slide hang ouf slide piggy sue jordan rain telephone sues
telephone tunnel with dad Vinyard Jordan smiles Vinyard with grapes
wheel to love yosemite falls lower land (1) yosemite falls lower land yosemite falls lower
yosemite falls upper lower yosemite falls upper yosemite jay jord yosemite meadow dad jord
yosemite meadow dad jord2 yosemite meadow yosemite mom jord falls yosemite mom jord falls1
yosemite mom jord falls2 yosemite mom jord falls3 yosemite mom jord toes in water yosemite mom jord
yosemite mountains yosemite parking lot half dome yosemite river yosemite tee pee dad jord