March 2005 - Jordan Loves Spring!

Jordan can sign for "more!" Now we just have to figure out what he wants "more" of! He loves being outside (in any weather) and heads for the door the moment his feet hit the ground. Good thing he got his first pair of "real" shoes! While Rusty, Sue, Dan and Jeremy were in Africa, Jen and Jordan were is San Francisco, where Jen worked at Game Connection (a great success) and Jordan was supported by Lynne and Frank and Bobbie. We met Alexis DeBusschere who is tiny and cute, saw GG and Uncle Lee (who did a valiant job keeping up with Jordan as Jen chose new running shoes), and celebrated Easter with just about everybody. And yes, Jordan did actually hunt for eggs, and he even managed to find a few (with a little help from Grandma and Aunt Lindsay). And although we haven't met them yet, we also want to welcome Evelyn Longoria and Felix Rogovin to the world. Hope to meet you soon!