May Adventures

May started off with a bang -- actually, a starting pistol -- when Jordan came along with Jen, Rusty and Sue running the Devil Mountain Run 10k. Sue is the only person to have run in all 28 of these events. The sun came and went again this month, but we spent as much time outside as possible -- as you will see! We celebrated Mother's Day at Lynne's house, had Uncle Jeremy and Great Aunt Kay come by, comforted Grandpa after his knee surgery, and went swimming at Sue's. We also got to the beach in Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz, and although it was cloudy, the sand was wonderfully warm.
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    baby motzart
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    9er jord 2
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    9er jord grabs moms nose
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    9er jord sings
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    baby blue eyes
  • baby motzart
  • 9er jord 2
  • 9er jord grabs moms nose
  • 9er jord sings
  • baby blue eyes
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