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For most of November, we were homebodies, which actually keeps Jordan really happy. We started off by celebrating Logan White's first birthday with his family. Jordan had a blast with his friend Katelyn at Emma Prush Farm here in San Jose, feeding animals and climbing all over tractors. Thanksgiving was at Grandma's house, and then Jen and Rusty took off for Washington DC for Recruiter of the Year Week!

happy daddy jord
gpa jord slide
bites string almost
bites string what
bites string
coloring at home
dave logan bottle
floor potato
happy crib boy
jen jord cake logan
jordan plays logans toys
kristina logan cake
kristina logan cake1
logan bday whites gifts
logan bday whites gifts1
logan big gift
logan jordan play
logan jordan play1
logan jordan play2
logan papa cake
mom dad jord greet
moms and boys
pillow game
sue jen jord logan silly
tg daddy jordan
tg Kris
tg linds
tg play with ryan
tg scott cass jord 05
tree light dad chorus
tree light dad jord pet horse
tree light dad jord
tree light mom jord
tree light sue jord shoulders
tree light sue jord
tree light sue jord2
two toothbrushes
vets day r and metcalf
vets day r and vet
vets day r and vets

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