Tailhook 2005

The Tailhook Convention is a Gathering of Naval Aviation. These Flyers work hard and Play Hard. If you are the Reno recruiter, you can actually get paid for attending, and having a great time, as long as you put in long hours representing the taxpayers as well. Highlights of the trip were flying with the VFC-1 3 squadron (Upside Down over Lake Tahoe and sideways over Yosemite Valley) and catching up with several Pilots I had not seen for years.
TailhookBooth NROTCBrief FC1DuncanandLCDROrvikatTailhook HalfDome
halfdomeinnavyjet Instruments LakeTahoe Oharp
OverLakeTahoe Picture812 07Sep05 Picture813 07Sep05 Picture814 07Sep05
Sideways Sierras Yosemite