Up January 2006 Slideshow

Happy New Year! Jordan enjoyed lots of quiet (and not so quiet) home time while our kitchen was refaced. Rusty completed Jordan's Lair, and they both love spending time up there. We had some visitors and made some visits, and enjoyed the outdoors every chance we got.

bath boy smiles
bath mohawk
bath lay back
bath mohawk lay
bath mohawk side smile
bath mohawk side
bath relax
bath watcher orca
big smile chair
big smile chair1
big smile chair2
blury baloo
daddy jord lap
daddy jord lap2
farmer poses
farmer smiles
fish adventure 1
fish adventure 2
fish adventure 3
fish adventure end
fish adventure
fish water mirror
great pop jord gram
great pop jord gram2
great pop kris
jo Olson visits
kate and jord tv
katelyn on her 2nd birthday
park climb up
park driving 2
park driving
park up
running fun
rusty 2 week beard gone
rusty 2 week beard
silly smile 1
silly smile 2
silly smile close
silly smile
sleepy guy
table dance silly grin
table dance
table dance1
vanessa anderson
vanessa carrie 2
vanessa carrie
water play
water play1
water play2
water play3

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