September 2006

September was summer's last hurrah, and we took advantage of some really nice weather and played outside. September was a big deal for Jordan -- he started early pre-school! He talks about his teacher, Miss Jenny, all the time, and she reports that he loves the book corner and sandbox best. He did pick up a cold the second week of school, so we've got a couple funny videos here from the time his voice was raspy and squeaky. We also had three harvests -- one apple picking with our friends, the huge grape harvest and press, and then a small apple harvest to make some cider. Oh, and in the video where he's washing his hands, he is saying "a little soap and water" over and over -- its from a favorite song.
apple pick jord dad apple pick jord dad2 apple pick jord mom 2 apple pick jord mom
apple pick jord blue bounce blur blue bounce pause blue bounce
first day school 06 first day school1 06 gram bobbie jord gpa grape harvest orviks scott
grape harvest orviks grape harvest rusty jen grape harvest rusty jen2 grape harvest rusty scott
green towel 2 green towel in Sues shoes jord ballo shower
jord in sandbox last pool dad jord loud merry go round school visit jord car
school visit jord circle school visit jord house school visit jord house1 school visit jord kate
school visit jord kate1 school visit jord kate2 school visit jord ryan school visit jord
school visit ryan school visit sand self tatoo close self tatoo
shaving jord shaving jord1 sue jord couch sue jord couch2
toe eater bed bounce red shirt couch bounce ddr jord
google happy bounce in mommys shoes squeaky voice 2
squeaky voice wash hands