April 2008

The big event in April was the arrival of our second son, Grant Lee Orvik. Jordan is doing really well as a big brother, always asking about Baby Grant and being gentle with him. And because Mommy isn't getting more than 4 hours of sleep at a time, this is late and I don't have any videos ready. But I thought you'd like to see these sooner rather than later. May pics coming soon!
G 1 week first home pic grant g in sling 2 dj jord
aparna grant basket baby 1 week daddy grant 1 week daddy grant 1 week1
dee grant g crying g in sling g swing 1 week
gma jord marble game grant gg 1 week grant mom thumbs grant sarah
grt aunt alice grant gpa hos b4 jen rus hos day 1 gma grant hosp b4 dad jay
hosp b4 jen hosp b4 room hosp bf day 1 hosp dad name
hosp day 1 gma hosp fb hosp gpa hosp grant day1 2
hosp grant day1 3 hosp grant day1 hosp jen b4 1 hosp jen b4
hosp jord mom grant hosp mom grant day1 2 hosp mom grant day1 hosp rec room g mom
hosp rec room g mom2 hosp rec room g jade grant jg eat swing
jord cheese jord mom grant 1 week jumping jord klingers grant
mom grant 1 week mom grant jord 1 week nora grant anj pry grant
pb jord shrad grant sue grant 1 week two weeks old
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