Up June 2008 Slideshow

June was very family focused! Aunts, Uncles and cousins everywhere, and we were happy to have them all visit. Grant kept growing, Jordan finished another school year and continued to be a great big brother, and we celebrated Father's Day. Jeremy also hosted a water skiing adventure on Lake Berryessa and everyone had a great time.

g bath huge grin
g bath big eyes
g close smile
big boy baby tub
big boy baby tub1
bros close couch
bros cuddle couch
bros kiss couch
bros little guys
carrie grant
dad g couch
g bath small grin
g close frog
g close frown
g close open
g dora bal
g eats cow horn
g finds fist
g gg mat
g linds bath
g linds bjorn
g linds sleep
g linds smile
g little guy
g look jay
g on dad
g puppy butt
g ralph
g smile jay
gg jord purse
gma bath g
grant 8 weeks bath
grant 8 weeks
grant 12 weeks crib
grant 12 weeks
grant dan kay
jackie jord game
jord dads shorts
jord selfnap
jord unc dan
jord unc j g
jord unc j
mom g 11 weeks
mommy grant 2 months
mommy grant jord con
pep spill1
pep spill2
pep spill3
r gg sue dads day
scott jord yawn
sue g bath
sue g bink
sue jord couch play
tummy time
tummy time1
tummy time2
vih zoot
vih zoot1
woods g couch
woods gm
woods j bed
woods jr
woods kg
woods kmc
woods mg
woods mg1

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