February 2017 (final release)

Our iFLY trip (indoor skydiving), Happy Anniversary to Rusty and Jen, Martigra party, Jordo Bday, Blue and Gold, and more Awesome stuff!!
Grant IceGrant IcyGrant TextingJO
JordoBday9568 JordoBday9579 JordoBday9580 JordoBday9578
JordoBday9575 JordoBday9571 BlueAndGold9606 BlueAndGold9611
JenInNiceShirt BlueAndGold9613 BlueAndGold9609 BlueAndGold9608
iFly Rusty iFly Jen iFly Jordan iFly Grant
JordoBday9604 CatsSnooze IMG 6966 IMG 6972
OrvikCommandPhoto IMG 9551 IMG 9555 IMG 9556
IMG 9557 IMG 9558 HappyAnniversaryJenny iFly Grant vid
iFly Rusty vid iFly Jen vid iFly Jord vid JazzParade
IMG 9561 IMG 9562 IMG 9563 IMG 9564
IMG 9565 IMG 9619 RHEZ6941 IMG 6965